Trashly is a canon ship pairing 9StrangeSaness6 and Corly.

Origin Edit

* Its unknown if the ship was just made as a joke originally, or the two just started to love each other.  -3- Although, this probably the first and the only ship that isn't chosen to be a joke, or a real one. 


  • They have children, Penelope and Korah.
  • This ship is canon, yep, canon.
  • There's a small age-gap between these two, 13-and-a-half(Or 12-and-a-half) and 10, but who cares, its cute, right?
  • Trash and Corly have a little "greeting" for each other, being "WEEEEEENNNNIIIIZZZZ", meaning "weanies" in their little "memespeak".

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