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Kkone is a ship between Kkcantgetright And Bone apetit


Well since this was a joke ship, it just Randomly started to become a thing On the AU Wiki Chat with everyone Shipping it, Bone apetit started making memes out of the ship, And then created Yan!Bone for some reasons, But KK seems not to like KKone, but he secretly like suffering to it. And now everyones just Trying to Get KK and Bone Married. (even though they are a couple)


During April fools 2017, Derp, and Max and Bone ( I DONT REMEMBER WHO ARE IN THE CHAT, IF SO, EDIT. ) started to use imgflip to mess around, make memes, and laugh, their topic is derpca. Until KK joins in. Everyone started to mess with KK until Bone made a meme about KK and Then, it quickly got too much attention. Max started to name the ship 'Kkone.' Everyone started to ship it to mess with KK much. And now it is one of the most disregarded ships in the wiki.

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